Geeksters – Episode 118 Part 1


In part 1 of the Sunday night show of Geeksters! we start off with technical difficulties that Shawn explains in his special way of why we were late getting on air.  Shawn eventually calms down and we forget to mention that one of gang is missing, Erika. Shawn and Ed go on without her and as usual they talk about their weeks. Ed had a Christmas a little early with a party with family. Shawn shares his experience of a new restaurant that opened near where he works and shares a dream he had about the show. We also bring you the Top 5 Movies of the Weekend where Ed and Shawn give their review of the number one movie of the week. Listen to us live Sunday nights on Aquanet Radio from 6 to 9:30pm eastern time and join in on the fun. This podcast was recorded on Sunday December 21st, 2014.

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