Geeksters – Episode 131 Part 3


In part 3 of the Sunday night show of Geeksters! it is Nerd News as usual. In this week’s news we discuss an X-Men actor leaving the franchise as well as a new X-men comic starting this year. We also discuss a controversial cover that DC put out that caused a twitter uproar  and got the cover to be pulled from circulation. We talk about the Dark Side of the Force resolving their financial problems and a Big Bang Theory Star that like to take on the role of the Riddler plus more. We did tease on the live show that we were going to talk about “Transporter Refueled” which we never did do so as a bonus Shawn and Ed discuss it in the podcast. Listen to us live Sunday nights on Aquanet Radio from 6 to 9:30pm eastern time and join in on the fun. This podcast was recorded on Sunday March 22nd, 2015.

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