Geeksters – Episode 193


This Sunday Geeksters! will not have a  live show, so Shawn and Ed decided to record a podcast early for our fans. We start of with the usual of the show and talk about our weeks. Ed talks about his troubles with his car and the way mechanics work. Shawn talked about his girlfriend’s first steps of  moving to live with him. We then bring you Releases of the Week in movies, TV and video games and discuss the E3 2016 conference and what will happen in video games in the next year. We continue on with Nerd News, we start off talking about why the blockbuster movie “Die Hard” owes the way it is written by a car accident and who is the next DC villain in the “Arrow” TV show that was already on another DC show. We also talked about why the TV show “Mike and Molly” got cancelled plus more. If you want to see the news articles you can go to our Geeksters! Facebook page Geeksters! Radio and and our twitter feed @geeksters to read the articles for yourself. Don’t to forget to catch the bonus material not heard on the live show. Listen to us live on Sunday nights starting at 6pm eastern time on  and join in on the fun. This podcast was recorded on Thursday June 16th, 2016.

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