Geeksters – Episode 211 Part 2


In part 2 of the Geeksters! show we start off with releases of the week in Movies, TV and Video Games and Shawn and Staci talk about the games they are playing “Rise of the Tomb Raider” and “Batman: Return to Arkham”, then it is Nerd News as usual. In this news we discussed the new cannon from “Star Wars” the reason why the Sith have red light sabers and we also talked about a prediction from Shawn that came true in video games. We also talked about Joss Whedon will be directing a “Star Wars” movie under one condition and Robert Downey Jr. is willing to voice something for Mark Zuckerberg under one condition plus more. If you want to see the news articles you can go to our Geeksters! Facebook page Geeksters! Radio and and our twitter feed @geeksters to read the articles for yourself. Don’t forget to catch the funny bonus material with a bonus article. Listen to us live on Sunday nights starting at 6pm eastern time on and join in on the fun. This podcast was recorded on Sunday October 23rd, 2016.

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