Geeksters – Episode 214 Part 2


In part 2 of the Geeksters! show we start off with the Releases of the Week in Video Games and then Shawn reviews the beta of the game “Steep” and then it is Nerd News. In this week’s news we discussed who “Spider-Man’s” love interest could be in his new movie and we also talked about where the “X-Men” movie future lies with the talk of rumors of a reboot for the movie franchise. We also talked about another villain that could have been in the “Ant-Man” movie and we also talked about how many hours the average Netflix subscriber watches Netflix plus more. If you want to see the news articles you can go to our Geeksters! Facebook page Geeksters! Radio and and our twitter feed @geeksters to read the articles for yourself. Don’t forget to catch the funny bonus material with a bonus article. Listen to us live on Sunday nights starting at 6pm eastern time on and join in on the fun. This podcast was recorded on Sunday November 13th, 2016.

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