Where to find us

Trying to find all the ways to hear the show? If you are on the go on a mobile device or you want to hear us on your computer there are several ways to find us.

First you can hear us live on Sunday nights starting at 7:30pm eastern time on Aquanet Radio.

http://www.wordswithgeeks.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/wrapper-bg32.pngOn the go on Sunday night and want to use an app on your smart phone to listen to us? Then you can find us through Tuned-In Radio and iTunes Radio just search or Aquanet Radio on those apps.


Second if you missed us live and want to know how to listen to us other than Sunday night. You can download or stream our shows so you can catch up. We place our show in several places on the web to help find us on a computer or any mobile device.

The two main ways you can find us here on our site in our Geeksters Podcast and iTunes.


Android users can down/stream the Geeksters! podcast through:

Subscribe on Android

As well as your favorite Google Play podcast app!

You can also find us on Cast Roller, Fluctu8, Podcastland, Podcastpedia, Short Orange and Stitcher.

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