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    Carrie Watson of McRobo Creations

    We are a fan-based company located in British Columbia, Canada. McRobo Creations has been building models since 1995. Our latest designs are the Bounty Hunter Ghost Barge, the Boba Fett Slave 1 Barge, and the Ghost Star Destroyer. We use ABS flat plastic, it’s sturdy and durable at the thickness of a nickel. We airbrush our work. Care is taken when constructing any of our Star Wars vehicles, we guarantee our work.

    Bounty Hunter Ghost Barge Features
    8 Shutter Windows, 4 Hinged Doors, Poseable Sails, Engine, Han in Carbonite Hidden Wall, Removable Rudders, Airbrushed Paint Job and also Glows in the Dark. $880 US plus shipping.

    Boba Fett Slave One Style
    (the second photo, with the Barge behind glass) No extra features, but a good solid vehicle for $440 US plus shipping.

    The Barges are pre-order, ready to ship within 10-14 business days from date of order. We will begin the project when we receive a deposit of half the cost of the entire project. The Basic Barge can be purchased for $440, with extra components added for $40 each. Send $220 with your order, then pay the other $220 + shipping when the photos of a complete barge have been sent to you.

    All feedback, enquiries and special requests are welcome. Feel free to email us at

    Please view our website for a detailed list of options.!bounty-hunter-ghost-barge/c1551

    Bounty Hunter Ghost Barge

    Boba Fett Sail Barge

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